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Replace your old garage doors now or get the new one for your home at Garage Door Genius in Santa Fe, NM! We are more than happy to serve you and present you the most reliable garage doors ever. If you need our services, call us now at 505-658-4800. Ask anything about our services, our products, and our company. We will be quick to respond and be at your service anytime.


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Garage Door Genius in Santa Fe, NM has always been servicing the people in this city. We always provide everything they need regarding garage doors and always give them the solutions they need when it comes to issues and problems. They’ve given us amazing reviews you can always read on Yelp and we remained as one of the top garage doors up until now. We are more than confident to give you the garage doors you need because we have been doing this to many people in the past few years already. Garage Door Genius in Santa Fe, NM never disappoints and you can rely on us when it comes to installations and purchasing one your garage door.

We offer numerous garage door brands you can choose from in our company due to our partnership with manufacturers. Our company made sure that these brands are high-quality and are the best garage door brands you can ever find. You are free to choose which of these garage door brands you want to have in your home. By calling us, you can learn more about each one of them and know which one would suit your home, taking into consideration your own needs and your ideal characteristics for a garage door. Our people can always guide you with choosing your garage door brand and also in customizing and making your garage door look more aesthetically appealing.

The Garage Door Genius in Santa Fe, NM can present you tons of garage door designs that you can choose from as well. These designs are all stored in our storage facility but you can still have lots of options from our sources. You are free to decide which type of material will be used for your garage door and you get to decide which style you’d like to have, as well as its color. Everything you need for garage door, we will install in your house. We’ll help you decide the best combinations that can bring out the beauty of your property. We prioritize our customers’ satisfaction and that is why we let them choose what they want but still guide them throughout the whole process.


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We have so many deals just for you! If you call for our help and book our services, you will get discounts from us. Other than that, we provide professional advice and the estimates for free. You will get a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer as well. With Garage Door Genius in Santa Fe, NM, you wouldn’t ask for more. We’ve got everything you need here with us and all you have to do is call us at 505-658-4800 to get our services now.


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