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Tired of dealing with amateurs who cannot get the repairs of your garage door right? Looking for legit professionals who never falter, and live up to your expectations of quality service? Then you’re just in luck because Santa Fe, NM Garage Door is just around the corner to be the solution to your garage door problems.
Santa Fe, NM Garage Door was established in 2005 and since then have been the ONLY legitimate garage door service provider TRUSTED in the whole Santa Fe, New Mexico.
Garage-Doors Santa Fe

We are the number one provider of the following Garage Door Repair services in Santa Fe, NM:

Garage Door Installation Santa Fe NM
  • Repairs and replacement for your garage door & garage door opener
  • Replacement of broken garage door springs
  • Replacement of broken garage door cables
  • Repairs and replacement for your garage door & garage door opener
  • Replace bent or damaged rollers
  • Repair door off track / cable off
  • Repair/Replacement rusted or bent track
  • Replacement of garage door panels
  • Repair/replace your gate & electric gate opener
All of these are done with accuracy and precision by our experienced garage door technicians. We use only the best and most advanced technology in the industry in attending to your problems. We get it right the first time. No hesitations. No indecisions. Never based on trial and error.

24 Hour Garage Door Repair

Santa Fe, NM Garage Door promises you 24/7 availability. Anytime you call, you can expect our skilled-technicians at your doorsteps, prepared and ready to work. Service through all types of weather is what we’ll assure you because we understand that repairs could be needed anytime of the day – or night.
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Garage Door Installation & Sales

When it comes to any type of garage door installation, Santa Fe, NM ranks 1st in making your garage door perfect for your homes. We even maintain in our in-house facility products that could be used anytime so no need for long hours of wait in case your garage doors broke down at a difficult time of the night. This is of course, of the lowest possible price that would surely maximize your money in buying the product.

Garage Door Openers

Santa Fe, NM Garage Door has every garage door product you’ll ever need in their store room including the best garage door openers in the market. If you need a new one, or need to replace one, just call is and we’ll run all possible choices with you.
You won’t worry about it breaking down easily because it is made under the most reliable brands. We’ll even providenyou some care tips to ensure that your openers are well-maintained.

Trust only Santa Fe, NM Garage Door for your garage door repairs and replacement

Garage-Doors Santa Fe
Santa Fe, NM Garage Door has been serving the neighborhood of anta Fe for over 12 years. Due to our unparalleled customer service, and the quality of service we provide, we already gained the reputation of being the best among the best when it comes to attending to any type of garage door needs. It also helps that our team of specialists that are willing to serve 24/7 are very well accomplished when it comes to their craft.
We are also known to be the largest supplier of garage door, garage door openers, and parts that are made from the biggest brands known for the durability of their products. Not only that, but we also provide this at the most economical price available. We even throw in discounts, and warranties – even life warranties with the products for the benefit of our customers.
We are efficient in what we do and we always get the job right.
Call our hotline now to experience the good deals we have to offer. Discuss your concerns with our garage door specialists today.

Experiencing Unparalleled Garage Door Service in Santa Fe, NM

Santa Fe, NM Garage Door never scrimps when it comes to the trainings of our in-house technicians. We see to it that they are always updated on the new techniques that would enable them to perform better in terms of providing service to our customers. This is why it is not surprising how we’ve grown to be trusted as a family-owned company and a local brand.

Making Repairs

A garage door is one of the largest moving objects in your home. It is also one of the most utilized as well with or without owning your own automobiles. Since this is the case, it is just common for it and its mechanisms to undergo wear and tear after s period of time.
For any type of repairs needed for any stationary or moving part of your garage door, it is only advisable to never do it on your own. This is most especially if you are not familiar with the ins and out of the set up. A garage door spring that is not handled correctly and without the necessary tools to fix it with, may cause accidents and injuries. Better just call us to assist you.
Santa Fe, NM Garage Door would never subject you to unnecessary charges. We are upfront with our fees and won’t insist for replacements and repairs that are not needed. We’ll even provide you with reasonable cost-estimates and many choices for troubleshooting that would give you a choice in the type of repairs you prefer for your garage doors. Hidden costs are definitely not in the vocabulary of Santa Fe, NM Garage Door.

Providing Installation Services

It is inevitable that at some point that we’ll choose to get a new garage door for our homes. It may be to replace a broken one, or to fit beautifully to the renovation of your home, one thing is clear – the garage door you are going to choose should be made up of highly durable materials that could withstand weather extremities a high amount of pressure.
In Santa FE, NM, we are the only garage door provider known to keep a collection of various brands that meet this quality. You even have a lot to choose from because in our state-of-the-art showroom, we keep varying styles, materials, and even colors just for you. This extends to the smallest accessories up to the replacement panels, and garage door springs.
What more is that we also provide the best installation service in town. No matter your preference, just call us today and we’ll see to it that you get the garage door you need.

Choosing a Garage door Opener

A garage door opener is the heart of a garage door. It is where the automation of a garage door comes from. Without it, might as well get used to a manually operated garage door.
If you need a bew garage door opener, then you have Santa Fe, NM Garage Door to call. We have all types of garage door openers depending on the size of the garage door it will operate. We also have all the necessary devices that will make its operation easier and more effiecient such as remotes and wireless devices. We are even more than willing to set it up according to what you need. Just give us a call.

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Towanda Dunlap
Towanda Dunlap
08:33 31 Dec 17
I had a amazing experience with this company. They are very professional and knowledgable. They replaced my garage door and I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of any garage services.
Esther Brannigan
Esther Brannigan
08:28 31 Dec 17
They were very fast and responsive! They came just a little while after we called and got to work. They also gave us a great deal and were very fair and friendly. Thank you so much! We'll definitely use you again!
Dennis Bergkamp
Dennis Bergkamp
11:39 31 Oct 17
I hired Expert Garage Door Repair technicians several times during the past few years and their work was always absolutely perfect. They come on time, the pricing is affordable and they are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to garage door problems. I have only the highest recommendations for this company and their crew. Keep up the good work!
Rickey Marr
Rickey Marr
01:02 19 Oct 17
I chose Expert Garage Door Repair because of their good online reputation, and they had awesome prices on new garage door openers. I ordered an opener online and scheduled a meeting for the installation. The technician that came to my place, was courteous, social, hard-working and installed the opener very quickly. He also showed me how the garage door opener works.
David Dodd
David Dodd
02:22 14 Oct 17
I found Expert Garage Door Repair among 4 other local repair companies, and their customer service was outstanding, which made me choose them for the garage door replacement. Their technicians were both very knowledgeable and polite, and complete the replacement much faster than I have expected. Thank you for such a superb service.
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